Hill Guitar Company

Headstock featuring Mother of Pearl inlay

Premium Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides

Western red cedar, Nomex, European spruce


     - Top of the Line

Extraordinary Sound, Playability

I've been thinking about this ideal Signature model for a while, with beautiful woods, jewel-like tuners, wonderful aromatic finish, nice decoration, custom ergonomics, and an ideal guitar case. Now we have this for a limited time, and I have to say, it is wonderful!

The Brazilian rosewood gives a delicious other world quality of sound, and the guitar is fully adjusted to any player's needs. These guitars are special order only. I expect them to go to special hands, persons and professionals who can appreciate the value and the personal touch.

Kenny Hill - April 2016

Marc Teicholz
Classical Guitar Magazine Review of Anniversary Guitar
and Marc Teicholz Sample


  • Hill Doubletop Soundboard:
     European Spruce, Nomex, Western Red Cedar
  • Premium Brazilian Rosewood back and sides
  • Elevated Ebony Fingerboard
  • 51mm bone compensated nut
  • Compensated saddle
  • 12 hole Mother of Pearl decorated bridge
  • Rodgers Silver tuners
      w. Mother of Pearl buttons
  • Sound ports
  • Lattice or fan bracing
  • Hill lightweight double-acting truss rod
  • String Length: 650, 640, 630mm
  • All Hand applied French polish finish
  • Overall length: 39"
  • Body length: 19"
  • Upper bout: 11"
  • Lower bout: 14.375"
  • Body depth: 3.5 - 4"
  • String Spacing @ nut:42.5mm
  • String Spacing @ bridge:58.75mm
  • D'Addario J-46 High tension strings
  • Visesnut case and case cover
Built to order. Approximately 4-5 months to delivery.

Price $15,000

Anniversary Models in the Showroom

Cedar Doubletop Anniversary Model

Rodgers Silver Tuners Mother of Pearl Buttons

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