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  • It's in my hands right now and it's so pretty and sounds so good that I just keep playing it on and on. Congratulations on the crafting of this beauty, Kenny. It's dangerously easy to fall in love with this piece of art, really. The playability is great and I feel like I'm used to it. The left hand performs with so little effort that is hard getting back to my other guitars. The sound ports are a great idea as they make the guitar sounds in a way of its own and that I happen to like very much. In short, great sound, great playability and great look and feel. Last but no least, I love the French polish finishing.

        ~ Alexandre

  • My name is Chris Maggitti. I purchased one of your 2005 Signature models from Kirkpatrick's guitar studio in Baltimore. (It's a spruce top, Brazilian rosewood and Ruck ports). Since the day of purchase, I have been nothing short of excited every time I pick up guitar to practice. The sound quality, and volume, has increased with time. The dynamic and timbre ranges are not to be believed. It is as easy to play as it is a joy.

    In April I gave my Bachelor of Music recital at Towson University in their recital hall. I cannot tell you how many people came up to me afterwards and said something along the lines of, "That guitar has the most beautiful sound," or "Do you have an amp in that thing?!" Thanks to this guitar, and endless hours of practice, my recital was a great success; I even have a professional grade demo CD to give out. Now with the pursuit of the MM degree, I look forward to making more gorgeous music with this fine instrument. My web site has the full sound recording of my recital with the Signature. After hearing my guitar, two fellow students from my quartet at school (Towson University) went out and bought Signature models also!

    Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

        ~ Chris (www.classicalchris.com)

  • Just a note to thank you for the new Signature guitar I got this week. I love it. In the meantime, I will be happy to have students try my instrument and send some possible buyers over to Union Music.

        ~ Peter Clemente

  • I had a recital today with flute and percussion. I never could have done this with another guitar. Tell Kenny thanks so much (again)! I can't tell you how much I love the guitar! It is A1-A, off the chart, fantastic!

        ~ Eric Larkins

  • I am now spoiled for life-it will be hard to play anything lesser than your guitars! I had a great time discovering all the wonderful tones the Signature can produce. The variation by playing ponticello or tasto is dramatic, and overall the ability to hear subtle changes in tone with this guitar is clearly going to help in improving my playing. In addition, it is simply lovely to look at-the woodwork, finish, and design is very appealing. It's a remarkable instrument and I'm very happy with the purchase!

        ~ Brendan

  • I purchased a Hill Signature guitar with the double top, sound ports, and elevated fingerboard from Rosewood Guitars in Seattle 2 months ago and am still enthralled with the sounds it produces, as is my instructor who has been waiting for a Ruck for 4 years.

        ~ Sid Whaley

  • First let me begin by raving about my maple Signature guitar. I am in love with it and that feeling grows stronger each day. Thank you so much for making it for me.

        ~ Amy




  • I got my guitar and I absolutely love it! I was playing so much I couldn't put the guitar down. Now I know what it feels like to hold the "one" perfect guitar that's meant for you. It's absolutely beautiful to look at, a work of art, and exactly what I wanted. I'm so glad I went with the quilted maple. The sound is so beautiful, and very loud, as you said. Everyone who's seen and heard it comments on how beautiful it looks and sounds.

    What I love most is how easy it is for me to play. This is the first guitar on which I can slide my hands all the way up the neck comfortably. I feel it's already improved my playing because I can focus on my technique and expression, without worrying if I'll be able to make a stretch. I'm enjoying it so much - it's definitely my "baby." Thanks to you and Kenny for all of your time and personal attention - it's perfect, exactly what I wanted.

        ~ Stephanie

  • It has been my good fortune to become the owner of a Kenny Hill 2005 Brazilian 1856 Torres...Wonderful instrument - The tone is amazing.

        ~ Mark




  • The 640 Ruck arrived today. AWESOME!! JUST ABSOLUTELY AWESOME GUITAR! Thank you so much for making such a fabulous instrument for me! I played for an hour here at the office, doing some of the more difficult stretches and spans for a guy with not-large hands, and I had no soreness or twinges. The 640 recommendation you gave me was right on the mark! It's just a fabulous guitar. Such a SOUND! Thanks again!

        ~ David

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a wonderful experience buying my new Ruck model guitar. It came to me yesterday and I absolutely love it. Bravo to you for designing and making such a fine instrument at a reasonable price point. It is without a doubt all I wished it to be. The warmth and clarity throughout the entire range of the instrument is impressive, not to mention the size of the sound. Very powerful!!!!!!!. I can't begin to tell you the years of enjoyment I envision as the guitar and I quickly become best friends. Thank you again for such a wonderful instrument.

        ~ John Baldaia, East Providence, RI




  • I just bought one of your guitars from McCabes Guitar shop. It's a copy of a Rodriguez de Cordoba and it's REALLY good. I used to own a 60's Ramirez flamenco and a Santos Hernandes but neither had the power and clarity of this guitar. Did you possibly make a deal with Satan to get this sound?? ..your guitar far exceeded any fantasies I had. Fabulous job. World class work.

        ~ David Lindley

  • I am a doctoral student in classical guitar performance at the University of Georgia. I recently purchased a Rodriguez model, and I was happy to acquire the instrument just days before my Master's recital. Thank you for building such a fine instrument.

        ~ Jason Solomon

  • I would like to thank you for making me such a fine instrument. Having owned two "genuine" Rodriguez' in the past, I can truthfully say that this one is clearly superior to one, and definitely comparable favorably to the other. As far as I am concerned, the set up is perfect. The workmanship and intonation is better than on the original.

        ~ Eric Cure, M.D.




  • I wanted to ask you if you already know that I had hit the jackpot with the #2441 Fleta copy you sold me. To tell you the truth I was ready to perform the unenviable task of walking out of there without a guitar after spending your Sunday time if you hadn't brought out the Fleta. It has got great reverb and is very piano like, in that when I hit a high note, in the quiet of my apartment, I can hear the high harmonics from the other strings just like the piano. I'm having a ball playing with it. Thanks.

        ~ Los Altos, CA.




  • I had my first couple gigs this weekend with my Crossover guitar. I play at this little historical martini bar about once a month on a Thursday and saturday. The guitar was a joy to play, I had so much fun playing it. I don't know if it's the scale length or what, but the intonation is so great with this guitar, I love it! It's extra special that it was custom built for me. I feel like it's really "my guitar".

        ~ Chris Bucheit, Torres-size Maple Crossover

  • I am an Italian guitarist that has had the fortune to buy one your guitars (your guitars are a dream).

        ~ Enzo Giovannini

  • I am sorry for the delay in getting this email to you, but I have been busy playing my Crossover! I am extremely pleased with my new guitar. The tone, beauty and playability are all just what I was looking for. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a quality guitar.

        ~ Jayne




  • I have a 640 Almeria. I asked the people at the guitar shop if anyone had played it and the owner said, "Well, when I restrung it, I did play it. It has a fantastic tone." That was after many positive comments on its beauty and odor.

        ~ Jane

  • Want to tell you the Almeria is the first guitar I have owned that my wife asks me to play because it sounds so good. I wish she wanted me to play because I played so well. In any event, it has profound base notes, excellent note separation, and singing trebles. Really a spectacular guitar. I have paid thousands more and they are not as easy to play or sound better. I now have a few guitars to sell.

        ~ Ira




  • Just played your Munich model. It was incredible! Really balanced and you're right, it is very warm yet focused. The bass was there and the highs weren't pinched; it was beautiful, and it was kind of fun to play.

        ~ Haarlem, The Netherlands

  • I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for spending some time with me, when my wife and I showed up without warning at your shop back in July. I appreciated you taking time out of your busy day to talk with me and let me play several guitars. Last week I bought a Munich model from Guitar Solo in S.F. I'm completely awed by this instrument. It's wonderful and I can't put it down!!

        ~ Greg Dannucci




  • The two Madrid models arrived today and are already sold...truly a bargain. Hard to tell which one was better. Nice work. I've been telling all my students about them and a few have played them already and like them. Here's to hoping I can order more, and this time one of the Torres models as well.

        ~ Michael, Azusa Pacific University



  • I have had my guitar since March 2002. I bought it at Gryphon Stringed instruments and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

        ~ Sarah

  • Recently I bought an Estudio from the Luthier Shop in NYC and I wanted to tell you how much I like it. Thanks for making such a fine instrument.

        ~ B. Blaine Ph.D., Hofstra University

  • I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to congratulate you on your beautiful guitars. I see that guitar as something I could leave my children someday.

        ~ I. Akbil, Fordham University

  • It's awesome! I'm primarily a jazz player by preference and a composer by trade (mostly songs and underscore for Disney cartoons these days), and I was looking to buy a "personal" guitar for home and song writing. I was going to buy a Gibson Super 400 acoustic, but I fell in love with the beautiful voice of your guitar. Thank you for making such a lovely instrument.

        ~ Music Director, Red Dog Music/Pomann Sound




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