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Hill Guitar Model Series: Signature, New Century, Torres, Legacy, Companion

New World Guitar Model Series: Player and Estudio


The Original Flagship Model Hill Guitar

Extraordinary Sound, Playability and beauty. The overall design includes elevated fingerboard, double top with lattice bracing, soundports, premium tuners and French polish finish. The goal is to give the player a beautiful wide dynamic and tonal range and playability that almost plays itself. Hill Signature Guitars have been played on stage all around the world in concerts, competitions, recordings and videos too many to count. 

The Hill Signature is available with a variety of wood combinations, string lengths and body sizes.


Top of the Line Hill Guitar Model

The ideal classical guitar for players with everything you would want in an instrument. While rooted in tradition, more than 30 years of experimenting in guitar-making is reflected for this modern and progressive 21st century instrument. Designed to retain and enhance the classical guitar sound and feel It’s based on the Signature, with added ergonomic features for exquisite comfort and True Temperament fretting for more perfect intonation.


Best in Playability Hill Guitar

This guitar design was Kenny Hill's initial departure from traditional 20th century luthier practices right around the turn of this 21st century, and opened the door to expanding the already gorgeous sounds of the classical guitar. The most distinctive features include a double top and sound ports, but with a traditional fingerboard. The finish is French polish. It is a strong guitar with every nuance and range of tone and volume.


Parlor Size Hill Guitar

Affordable, adventurous, go anywhere instrument, made in an old school manner with no frills. An all solid woods 19th century Spanish style guitar with a body design influenced directly by the Antonio Torres FE 18. We are using a whole variety of wood combinations, sometimes startling visual and acoustic outcomes. It’s a whimsical spin on the fun of guitar making, simple simple, fan braced top, usually no bindings, still all handmade. 


Tribute to Beauty Hill Guitar

Inspired by Kenny Hill's own 1856 Torres, this classical guitar model is slightly smaller than modern designs yet features a full concert voice. It is a very traditional design lovely Torres plantilla, with solid top and 7 bar fan bracing, beautiful Torres design rosette and purflings. 


Bestselling New World Guitar

Kenny Hill New World Player guitars have a vibrant sound and offer superior playability. Though crafted overseas, these are instruments of exceptional quality in material and design. Available in a selection of guitar scale lengths and sizes. 


Best Value New World Guitar Model

The perfect economy choice in New World Guitar models, offering students and seasoned classical players alike a high quality instrument at an affordable price. 

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