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Hill Guitar Company Product Information

Building Innovative
Classical Guitars
for Over 45 Years

Hill Guitar General Product Information

When your Hill Guitar is within one year from your purchase date, and you have a problem with your guitar, we ask that you contact the dealer where the instrument was purchased and have them contact us for a return authorization. We will need to hear from the store where you purchased your guitar so we may verify your guitar was purchased from our authorized Hill/New World dealer. Once this is done, you will need to send the guitar for our staff to evaluate. If the problem is deemed our defect, we will contact you with our decision, and repair or replace it at no charge, and return it to you. If the problem is one of neglect or avoidable damage we will provide an estimate for the repair and expected time it will take.

Strings and French polish finish are not covered under warranty.


We welcome repairs on Hill and New World Guitars. As a small shop mainly focused on building new guitars, repairs may take longer than anticipated depending on the nature of the damage. French Polish repairs are specialized, fairly easy to do for those who know how [and there aren't many], time consuming and often not as necessary as you think. Please don't try fixing this at home.

We welcome and encourage all calls, emails, texts regarding any concerns about your guitar at any time (800) 262-8858

Your Hill Guitar is a delicate instrument requiring some attention to its care. The most important issue you should consider for its well-being is your environment. The drier your climate, the more you need to pay attention to your guitar's humidification. Rapid changes in humidity and temperature can damage your guitar causing cracks, warps and disassembly. These kinds of issues are not covered under your warranty, and are not considered defects in construction or materials.

Fighting the Humidity Battle - from PREMIER GUITAR

Oasis Guitar Humidifier

Heat Stress - from Frank Ford

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