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New Editions: Kenny Hill Guitar Compositions

I’m happy to announce the publications of 3 new editions of my own compositions for guitar, written over the past two years: Lost and Found, Stolen Moments Suite and Songs from Home. The stay-at-home era and travel hiatus gave me the opportunity to dig into composing in the way I had long wanted to, but had been procrastinating for too many years.

These three publications each have 3 related pieces and are beautifully laid out by Eric Dussault of Productions d’Oz in Quebec. There are already video performances of some of them on YouTube and I’m working on getting them all recorded by various artists, myself included.

It’s been exciting, a bit scary but satisfying to get these musical ideas down and playing, something I’ve wanted to do for so many years. It took a pandemic to get my attention and motivation. I still have many many ideas itching to come out, and now with this effort in print I can get back to composing, and hopefully much more music to come.

I know it seems unlikely to build nice guitars AND compose nice music, but actually I find they feed each other, so why not? I want to believe that if you can think it, you can do it.

I’m grateful to Eric Dussault for putting up with my learning curve about publishing, and for doing such a beautiful job of engraving and putting together the music books, I couldn’t ask for more. I’m also grateful to the people around me putting up with my temperament, particularly my wife Roberta and my manager Maggie Kling, and to the musicians who have encouraged this work — Phil Collins, Stephen Goss, Giacomo Fiore, John Dearman, Bill Kanengiser, Richard Patterson, Guy Cantwell, David Tannenbaum, Ron Friedman, Terrence Farrell, Dean Kamei, Gretchen Menn, Adam Perlmutter and all of the folks in Zoom classes and open mics who have put up with listening to my works in progress.

And I'm especially grateful to Johannes Moller who was the first guitarist to look at my music seriously. Johannes is an amazing, inspiring composer and guitarist, and he did me the honor of learning and performing and recording some of my earlier pieces. His support and appreciation helped me find the courage and confidence to do more, and to realize the joy of creating music and sharing it with the public.

These three music books are available from Hill Guitar for $15.00 each plus shipping, and also as PDF with no shipping cost.

Thanks for your interest!

Kenny Hill

March 2022

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