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The Hill Guitar Company Companion Is an Exemplary Parlor-Sized Crossover Nylon-String Guitar

Guitarist-composer Mark Goldenberg puts the new Hill Guitar Companion model to its paces. The Companion is designed to be a professional-quality travel instrument for a classical guitarist or a crossover guitar for the steel-string player. See Goldenberg's full review of this diminutive and relatively affordable nylon-string, made in limited numbers in Hill's California workshop, in the January/February 2023 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine

Read Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Review:

From the January/February 2023 issue of Acoustic Guitar | By Mark Goldenberg

Kenny Hill knows guitars. Hill is a renowned luthier, a composer of fine contemporary music, and an accomplished performer as well. The nylon-string instruments made in limited numbers in his Ben Lomond, California, workshop are in the elite stratosphere, pricey and exquisite. Incorporating modern features like double tops, elevated fretboards, soundports, and True Temperament frets, these guitars are generally bold and articulate, with great note separation, superb dynamic range, spot-on intonation, and fantastic playability.

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