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'Twilight' Composition Premiering with Johannes Moller!

I just finished a new composition for guitar called Twilight. I’ve been working on it steadily over the last few weeks, and now it is done. The engraving is also done just this morning so I will be able to publish it soon.

This Sunday November 22nd Johannes Moller is planning to play the debut performance on his live stream “See you on Sunday” on Facebook at 11:00 am PST. Johannes has been doing this live stream program since early lockdown, playing his own music, his concert repertoire and also sometimes music from other current composers. It is reaching a lot of people in a new way.

Johannes has also been running a zoom composition course for a while now that I am participating in, along with several other guitar composers from literally around the world: Sweden, Germany, California, Mexico, Bangladesh, Australia, China and more. Because it’s a live class meeting the time zones are crazy, and while Johannes is in his Sunday afternoon I’m there at 5:00AM Sunday morning and the guys in Australia are attending sometime around midnight. This has been a rewarding community to be a part of. If you’re curious about writing guitar music check it out. It has been a very good experience for me.

I just introduced this piece Twilight to the class two weeks ago, but Johannes is willing to play it in public on Sunday. He’s good, I’m sure he can do it. I haven’t heard it except for my own playing, so this seems very, very cool.

Kenny Hill

November 2020

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